Nutty week starts from 27 August to 2 September in all Iconfood restaurants.
The Festival of the Saviour is a preparing for the end of the summer season, the time for people fun and enriching vitamins before a long fall.
First feast is a honey week, the second is an apple week and third is a nut week. At the end of August ripe nuts, and since ancient times it is believed that at this time the fruit nut tree acquire a special power and can help the individual from any illness. With our chefs we have made special nut menus, which are considered to be the richest source of vegetable lipids and proteins.

Black Market there is a light Salad with pear, cheese and walnuts, main dishes – Pumpkin Risotto combined with shrimp, vanilla and almonds. For dessert – home Krasnoy cake with pears, raisins, walnuts and cream Chantilly.

Montalto modern cuisine and pizza offer our guests nutty madness – pizza California on a thick Brooklyn test: with chicken, grapes, raisins and almonds. Air Fig Cake with walnuts, cinnamon, served with vanilla icecream. And Baked Apples with dried cranberries in sauce Sabayon.

Corner Burger has Pecan salad – mixed salad, cottage cheese, almond petals and peanut sauce. As a main dish – Chicken roll with nuts, rice and prunes, as well as a couple of desserts: tender Tiramisu with Hazelnut chocolate velour and light mousse and shortbread basket in Walnut caramel custard cream.

UDC bakery on Prospekt Mira, a Great Georgian and will be Yartsevo
surprise the guests with delicious sweets and cupcakes with different types of nuts, chocolate, praline and caramel.