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The summer is time of active recreation in the fresh air, bright opening and travel. Around all are stout energy of the sun and the most unusual are ready to try all and original. Being inspired by force of summer, the chef of Corner Burger Pavel Larionov and a brand of bars managers Asker Hashev prepared for guests the summer offer with elements of molecular kitchen.

Portobello’s mushrooms became favourites for the easy menu from the chief. Their combination to sauce from dried tomatoes can be met in a burger on a buckwheat roll and zucchini. And also, as snack, – crackling in sauce mayonnaise lime.

An unusual combination of a chicken liver, a mix salad, nectarines, strawberry and fennel with sauce of mango and raspberry caviar it is possible to estimate, having tasted salad Summer. And, of course, seafood didn’t remain unaddressed. As snack the Crackling octopus with orange segments, arugula and sauce mango cocktail is presented. From main courses – Spaghetti with seafood: shrimps, octopuses, cockleshells of the Clam, mini-squids in easy creamy sauce; and also the Mullet about couscous, spinach decorated with snow-white lime foam.

Are sure that you won’t be left indifferent by the refreshing drinks from Asker Hashev. First of all, we represent an uncommon combination in Aktinidiya’s lemonade and a red basil with a cucumber which has pleasant saturated aroma and unforgettable taste. The Strawberry and Passion fruit lemonade loads with energy of freshness and cheerfulness for the whole day. Pink on the basis of a pear and strawberry will perfectly decorate creamy smoothie your summer evening in the pleasant company of friends.

Besides, we took care of vegetarians and created smoothie MEGA Vega with arugula, spinach, coconut water and mashed potatoes of mango.

We didn’t forget also that in summer heat cold teas perfectly satisfy thirst. We hope that guests will like Ays Ti’s Magnolia vine with tartness of a red basil and stones of a magnolia vine; the invigorating Greene Ays Ti on the basis of green tea with mint addition. And the real coffee-achievers will estimate the Ice of Lichi coffee with gentle disposition and tropical freshness.

Towards to summer together with Corner Burger!



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